Canna®Incense / The 4 Elements

Chamanic incense with hemp fiber...

Canna® Incense The 4 Elements!
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Hemp is a content in the holly incense of the Catholic Church, is the holiest, most necessary and most harmonic plant of the Shinto-Religion, the official religion in Japan, and is used also by the Hindus as well in the Rastafarian-Religion (practiced today in Ethiopia, Jamaica and as small minorities everywhere in the world) as a holly plant.
After the Hindu tradition, the Cannabis plant grew up from the cutted dread locks from Shiva, as they felt down to the earth...
Buddha, for many hundred of years ago, after a long meditation in the mountains, told to the people that during his long fasting time he ate one hemp seed a day...

Searching for 100% natural incense with cannabis together with our partner B-Shan-T we found a hemp growing shaman tribe in Nepal that produced for their own purposes 100% natural healing and magic incenses after the Bong (old religion before Buddhism’s came into Himalayan) and Buddhist tradition of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air-.

This incense contained hemp as a component, not only for the stability (hemp fiber) but also because of the harmonizing and energizing properties of the holly plant.
After many trips to the tribe and talks with the customs where we showed that the use of the plant in the incense is not different than the use of it as a rope or textile fiber that Nepal exports since many years, and discussions with Buddhist and ayurvedic experts from the region our:

Canna® Incense The 4 Elements!

Canna®Incense production

was born.
A hemp containing incense without any perfume, that can be used holistic, astrologic, magically as well as ayurvedic.
Canna®Incense, The 4 Elements can be ordered after the astrologic signs.
The four kinds harmonize and collide with the energies, desires and spiritual states of the 4 Elements in people, animals and things.
Canna® Incense are combinable with each other and with this is possible to reach interesting effects.
No limits for your fantasy...
By the combination of two or more of the Canna® Incense The 4 Elements, users should be careful by burning same quantities of contrary elements (for ex. Fire and Water or Earth and Air)!
It is possible to burn all kinds together (but in different quantities of each kind) to reach complicated effects.
After a while the shortest used one (you can break one stick to the half of it or less) is burned out and the others continue burning...
By the combination of two or more, the user should keep in mind what goal he/she follows and never forget that every element has a different effect depending on the person, the day time and the season when is used.
Only the user can decide the combination that she/he needs...
That is the reason why every box of incense contains a wooden incense holder!
Please burn Canna®Incense only on a fireproof surface!
Please read every pack of Canna®Incense The 4 Elements carefully before use.
Every pack contains 12 sticks and a wooden incense holder.
Later on you will find here recipes with different combinations of Canna® The 4 Elements!
We wish you a lot of joy and that you are successful with your own "magic Canna®Incense compositions"!


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