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The plant hemp

Hemp, Cannabis sativa, is one of the eldest plant cultures in the world. 

Now people know why this plant has being consumed trough humans since the beginings of culture.
The Cannabis plant is the only vegetable source of cannabinoids on earth. The other source of Cannabinoids is the body of all vertebrates.
It has being discovered between the end of 80s and today that the plant has over 60 known cannabinoids that can, if intaked, stimulate the body´s own endogenic cannabinoid system enhancing so the cannabinoids that are permanently circulating in the body. I repeat: of all vertebrates on earth !
The endocannabinoid system is the system that keeps homeostasis of all vertebrates on earth!!! Homeostasis means: balance in a closed system. Life can not exist if this cannabinoid system were not available on earth !!!
This discovery may be one of the most important steps of humanity and will be effecting the full society in few months or years from now on (Date: 3-2012).
So: fast your seat belt!

Among many other incredible important things it has being discovered that the only one psychotropic substance in the plant: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) only works after have being heated. There is no THC in the plant. In the plant we find the carboxylated one called THCA.
THis may be the reason why in several countries it is (or it was untill a short time ago) not forbiden to grow a fresh living cannabis plant (Austria for instance).
All other cannabinoids, including CBD (Cannabidiol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and over 60 others, that are, as THC is, all terpenes, are docking in our receptors producing the stimulation of our endogenic glands that in this case produce more cannabinoids than usual.
It is to be expected that the enhancement of body own hormones is of very lower danger.
Many until now non curable diseases as Alzheimer, Rheumatoid artritis, cancers of quite all kinds and much more can be healed or be eased with lower or huge daily intakes of cannabis a day.
It seems to be a new discovery that eating the fresh green plant without having the psycotropic effects of smoked cannabis has all healing known effects but it is not psychotropic.
But other aspects of this marvelous plant are very important for humanity as well, as the best known natural fibre on the planet, from which we can do the best available paper on earth.
For instance all old paper money, all good money as Dollar, British Pound, etc. could never exist if hemp were not available to do it!

This extremely fast growing plant, that can grow in poor soil, without using pesticides, as well as prospering in arduous climatic conditions, supplies valuable raw products for the manufacture of food, medicine, cosmetics, drinks, paper and textiles as well as fuel, among other things.
The cultivation of hemp is still illegal in many countries, nevertheless, a resistance is developing.
In Germany and in all countries of the European Union certified low THC containing Hemp can be grown.
This kinds have a content of less than 0,2 % of THCA (Tetrahydrocanabinol-A) .
The EU pays a subvention for growing this kinds for industrial pourposes: Fedora 19, Futura 88, Felina 34, Lovrin 110, Kompolti, USO and some others of about € 500.- for a hectare.
Hemp products have a good reputation, especially among people interested in ecology.
Thanks to the production of Cannabia® since 1996, prior to the Novel Food Regulation (valid since 5/1997) the EU has decided not to apply the Novel Food Regulation to hemp as a novel food ingredient.
The "ettablished order" of the INCB of the UN reacted with an infame letter to all countries advising to change the food and drug laws to stop such wave of legal hemp products. Many countries did. Most of them were dictatorships or non democratic countries spread all over the world.
More than 3.000 hectares are grown nowadays in Germany.

A plant that can feed, heal, clothe and heat us. All this with a minimum of pesticides (if any needed...) and a normal quantity of fertilizers.
A plant that grows in all climates of the planet and that belongs to the holiest in the most religions.

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